Finding your place on the dance floor

Our challenge with Heineken was integrating them into a new world evolving behind the red ropes and after midnight. We were chosen to amplify the brand's presence in a credible way within the leaders & consumers of EDM culture. It needed to be real, authentic and become more entrenched than just picking up the tab for the night.

By collaborating with key influencers in the scene: Promoters, DJ's, Artists, Clubs & the Club Owners in a mutually beneficial way, the brand gained access and positioned itself within the environment as a relevant & trusted partner.

By developing the Green Room properties we created a means to engage with consumers and provide them unique experiences at festivals, clubs & private VIP events usually only available to A-listers.

Coupled with our lifestyle advertising program, these activities unlocked key opportunities to drive brand relevance and reinforce Heineken Music in a new genre.