Boom Charity

So Why Not?

We're all passionate about a lot of causes and always want to to give more. But the traditional way of donating is a hard sell: taking directly from your pocket to put into someone else's. Not with Boom Charity. Boom allows you to give back through your daily actions of buying music, movies, podcasts, apps, digital books and more. And the best part, it's doesn't cost you any more at the iTunes check-out.

Introducing Boom Charity. This was the perfect pro bono project for us. A way to connect our passion for giving back with our skills and network of influencers: artists, musicians, lifestyle trendsetters and brand builders. With Boom Charity, we've built a digital tool that allows influencers & charities to fundraise seamlessly via an iTunes link - supporting the causes that are closest to them, and in some cases, their own passion projects too.