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A Health Canada panel has recommended that energy drinks like Monster and Red Bull should be labelled “stimulant drug containing drinks,” the National Post reports.

“This would more formally signal to the general public that these are drug products, not foods,” says the report, dated November 2010, that was obtained by Postmedia News.

The report recommends that the energy drinks that contain caffeine be classified as Schedule III under the National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities. This would dictate they be sold on pharmacy shelves “operated under the direct pharmacist,” but they do not have to be kept behind the counter.

The Canadian Beverage Association disputes the report, saying that under the report’s criteria, other caffeinated drinks such as coffee would also have to be labelled as containing stimulant drugs.

Should energy drinks be sold under stricter regulations? Should the same rules apply to energy drinks that contain caffeine alternatives? Let us know in the comments section below OR click the can to vote.

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