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Position: Social Media & Content Intern

Term: Internship

Location: Downtown Toronto

Salary: N/A

Start Date: Sept 2013

Company Overview:

Rooftop is a versatile lifestyle agency specializing in music / entertainment, event marketing, and content creation. Rooftop Agency is currently seeking an Events & Promotion Intern interested in gaining valuable, hands-on experience working in a fast-paced, multi-faceted marketing and promotions agency.

Position Description:

  • Daily social media management including communication on multiple brand pages

  • Uploading photo sets, professionally responding to Facebook fan’s comments and questions

  • Researching best practices, social media trends and competitors campaigns

  • Assisting onsite at Events & Festivals as required

  • Benefits include – invites to activations, tickets to concerts, Jägermeister branded wearables


Interest and experience in Social Media, Content Management and Development. Proficient in Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Instagram and other Social Media platforms. Familiar with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Experience working with Adobe Suite [Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design] an asset. Must have own computer and be available 10am – 5 pm  2 – 3 days per week.

Additional Information:

This is your opportunity to gain a wide range of experience within a quickly evolving agency with multiple, international clients.

Please email your resume and cover letter to careers@rooftopagency.com  with the subject “Social Media Internship” to apply for this position.

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Jägermeister’s CMW showcase was a huge success and an awesome party – as always. Check the review below posted by Music Cavity. Big thanks to the rad folk at Music Cavity for attending and for having an wicked time. Saul William’s dance moves were pretty badass, weren’t they?

“It was the second night in a row I wound up at the Jagermeister sponsored event, not by design but they just happened to be sponsoring some of the best bands at this years festival”.


Friday Night CMW Shows by Music Cavity

“Didn’t have much luck earlier in the evening, not at the right venues at the right time, so we’ll start things off with Saul Williams at the Great Hall.  I got there in time to catch the last part of Spoek Mathambo’s set.  I wish I got to hear more of this or remembered more about the little I did hear so I could offer some insight, but I was too busy fighting with my camera, as for some reason I managed to get the settings all screwed up.  I’m pretty sure they did a good job and I know they warmed the crowed up well so…
Never actually got any good shots of Spoek or the band as a whole, still fighting with my camera, but during the intermission I got things sorted out by using this as a reference:
These flags are pretty cool.  Might have to get me one.  It was the second night in a row I wound up at the Jagermeister sponsored event, not by design but they just happened to be sponsoring some of the best bands at this years festival.Now before Saul Williams and the rest of the band took the stage to join him, CX Kidtronik started things off with a 20 min DJ bash featuring everything from funk to remixed lounge music to Bad Brains & Atari Teenage Riot.
Once the rest of the band joined him things got right out of hand.  These guys were on and they basically picked me up and shook me around, and just about everyone else too.  Saul was tossing some pretty bad ass dance moves around also.  Loved the energy and attitude of this set.  And of course the sound too…
Sadly, I cut Saul’s performance short slightly so I could make it over to El Mocambo to catch part of Caveman’s display.  It would be hard for anyone to follow up after Saul’s nastyness so it took a bit of time for me to adjust but the Caveman did an admiral job, especially the last couple of songs and most especially the last song…whatever it was please play lots more of it cause it was pretty damn cool.  I also have to add that these guys were the sharpest dressed band yet.
Imagine the nice keyboard player just off to the left.  Or better yet, check back sometime next week when I’ll have lots more photos to share, including some of the nice keyboardist.
As Caveman finished I could hear that DZ Deathrays were back at it upstairs, so I wandered up for awhile.  I think they had even more energy then last night, which was not easy to top.  You get one more chance to catch these guys at the Aussie BBQ this afternoon and I recommend it.  Otherwise I think think they play at the Indies.
Anyways, another good night with more great music.  Looking forward to tomorrow”.
With CMW over Jägermeister is gearing up for their wicked “Friday The 13th” party circuit coming up on Friday, April 13th. Cross Canada venues will be announced in the next 24 hours so make sure you stalk the Facebook page to be up on all the details. Word is it’s gonna be the craziest, radest event ever to have rocked the superstitious date – with contortionists, sword swallowers and of course ICE COLD SHOTS.
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Are you supposed to think they’re cool or lame?

Click the Photo to check out the tumblr devoted to redesigning brand logos – for those hipster kids.

David Kiefaber at AdFreak.com writes:

“ This Tumblr of brand logos redesigned for hipsters reminds me that I have no idea what a hipster is anymore. Most people just use it as a descriptor for a person or thing they dislike. Which is fine, but the objective definition of the word is getting murkier and murkier. These logos are a good example of that. Aside from the KFC logo with the Buddy Holly frames in it, I’m not sure what’s particularly hipstery about any of this stuff. Maybe the lack of effort, but that just feeds back into the negativity loop I was talking about before. Someone send this to HTMLGiant so some actual hipsters can chime in”.

While I harbour nothing less than an ironic love for the “artsy community” in question, I do share some sentiments with Mr. Kiefaber. Namely, this Tumblr confuses the heck outta me. I too get the KFC design – Colonel Sanders definitely does his hip update justice but many of the other redesigned logos leave me shaking my mellon.

Tweet me @RTAJennifer and let me know if you think it’s “cool” or “lame”. Happy weekend all!



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