Toronto based band “The Envy” recently released a very cool video for their song Unfaithful. It features the members of te band at a dinner table. The guys find ways to incorporate the plates and glasses into their song. Some pretty creative stuff. Check it out.

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When I say “geolocation,” which legendary musician immediately springs to mind? Bob Dylan, of course! Well, he should, now that he’s teamed up with creative agency CNNCTD+ to promote his new album, Tempest, through the Sound Graffiti iPhone app. The app lets fans unlock songs from the record for free at specific global locations tagged with art from the album. Most of the locales hold some significance in Dylan’s life and career. They include places where he broke into the folk scene & where he first played electric guitar on stage.
This app—the latest in a string of unusual music-marketing gambits, Fort Atlantic’s Nintendo cartridges and Jack White’s helium balloons—has generated extra media coverage for Tempest, and CNNCTD+ creative director Roman Grandinetti believes the approach could catch on. “I think listening and being able to download music this way gives it a feeling,” he says. “It takes that song to a whole other level. I don’t expect the whole world to do this, but real fans will make an effort to be that much closer to the artist.”

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When you look at rock stars like Zakk Wylde or James Hetfield you can’t help but think that they have embodied the rock n roll image since day one. I mean how could Slash have been at all nerdy for any amount of time in his life!?

Well here is the proof that even the toughest rock stars looked like total nerds in high school just like most of us did. Check it out


If you want a closer look click here


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The Bolongo Bay Beach Resort on the island of St Thomas carries out a weekly snorkel scavenger hunt, where guests compete to find hidden bottles of Cruzan rum under the sea. The resort’s staff hides about half as many 200ml bottles as there are guests in the 62-room resort, so snorkellers have a 50-50 chance of getting a prize. Those who find more than one must leave additional bottles beneath the water for other guests.
Officially called the “Snorkel Booze Hunt”, the tradition has been going strong for more than 30 years.
Even those who are not lucky enough to win their own souvenir bottle have plenty of chances to indulge in some Cruzan, the Virgin Islands’ local rum, distilled on the nearby island of St Croix. Bartenders at the resort’s swim-up poolside bar and the resort’s casual restaurant, Iggie’s Beach Bar, concoct pina coladas, daiquiris and even a drink called VooDoo Juice, a mix of flavoured rums and juice served in a bucket.

Sounds like a great time!

For info you can check out:


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The office drones working in the towers above the warren of shops and restaurants in PATH in the financial district got an extra jolt one Friday morning a few weeks ago when they went for their java at the Sam James coffee shop.

The five male baristas behind the counter were dressed in razor sharp suits and skinny ties. If it weren’t for the modern orange New Balance sneakers on their feet, they could pass for suave extras on Mad Men.

What gave the scene an even more alternate-universe kind of vibe, were the Bay Street banker type customers lined up, mostly dressed in chinos and polos — their casual Friday attire.

“We wanted to flip the switch,” says Sam James, the owner of this grab-and-go coffee bar located under the SunLife Financial Building on King St. W. “We wanted to do a cheeky play on the whole Casual Friday thing.”

On the last Friday of every month, James’ baristas will be kitted out in slim fitting suits from European label Tiger of Sweden. The next dressed up Friday at the café is Sept. 28.

The idea was conceived by James and one of his regular customers, Avi Raphael, who works for the clothing agency that distributes Tiger of Sweden and New Balance in Canada.

It’s a bit of guerrilla marketing. Tiger of Sweden suits, with their sharp tailoring and skinny silhouettes typically attract a young hipster customer who doesn’t wear a suit five days a week.

Modelled by these young baristas, including a skateboarder and a backpacking Australian, it exposes the brand to the suit-wearing demographic that patrols PATH.

The first time they wore the suits proved to be a big turning point for the café, which opened in June, said James .

There are two other Sam James cafés, one on Harbord St. in the Annex neighourhood and one on Bloor St. W. in Koreatown. But the financial district location doesn’t have a seating area and most customers pay-and-dash. There isn’t a sense of community like a neighbourhood cafés.

On that Friday, customers were definitely more friendly and engaging, some taking pictures with their camera phone.

“Lots of bigger than normal smiles — and casual Friday jokes,” says Tomas Morrison, one of the baristas working the cash register.

“It’s now a reference point and everyone is asking when we will be dressed up again,” James says.

Regular customer Warren Bridle who works in the nearby TD Centre building, knew something was up when he saw the larger-than-normal crowd in front of the café and groaned when he didn’t immediately recognized the baristas in the suits.

“I was a little concerned, he said with a laugh. “I thought they were probably corporate guys from head office working behind the counter and being new, they were going to screw up my order.”

The suited up baristas brought novelty, camaraderie and business to the coffee shop, but it remains to be seen how long they will be able to continue the reverse casual Friday look.

“It’s clothing suicide,” says James. “It’s a dirty job making coffee because we are very hands-on and use traditional methods. The dry-cleaning is going to get expensive.”


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Here is a bizarre story to look over for your Friday afternoon.

Apparently the infamous murderer Charles Manson has written a letter to Marilyn Manson. I would love to tell you what the letter was about but it seems Charles is as crazy as ever. Not sure if Marilyn got the letter but even someone as odd as him wouldn’t be able to make sense of it. Check it out for yourself.


If you want to read a more legible version click here


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There is a “heavy equipment playground” in Las Vegas where you can drive bulldozers for FUN!

So, if you’ve outgrown the sandbox but not your inner-child, then this is the place for you! “Dig It” is for everyone aged 14 to 114 who’s willing to spend at least 90 minutes scooping up massive piles of dirt and other doing other bulldozer/excavator involving activities.

It’s a 7 step experience:

  1. You choose either a bulldozer or excavator: With a bulldozer, you can build huge mounds and push gigantic tires. With an excavator, you can dig trenches and stack 2000 pound tires. Oh, dilemma, dilemma.
  2. You undergo the breathalyzer and a safety orientation: Always a good thing to do before you get into a massive, dirt-destroying machine.
  3. You undergo an in-cab orientation: An instructor shows you the working of each little button and leaver so that you can move your machine with grace and poise.
  4. You do a warm-up exercise: You move your large mechanical friend around the yard, under the watchful eyes of the crew.
  5. You do some guided activities: And now you get to the real stuff. Guided by the staff, you can play a game of “Excavator Basketball” or build and ride your own “Bulldozer Teeter-Totter.”
  6. FREE TIME! It’s like recess; you have ultimate freedom to do whatever the Dig-It rule book and the state law doesn’t prohibit.
  7. You accept your award. Graciously claim your official Certificate of Completion. This is probably the only place where you get an award for having fun. And there you have it!

So on your next trip to Vegas, instead of blowing all of your life savings or drowning your miseries in alcohol, you can satisfy that little part of you that’s always dreamt of being a construction worker. Dig up more some info from the source!

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It’s interesting to see the brands represented in this map. Do you think they really reflect the locations they are associated with?

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Ed Sheeran – Small Bump [Official Video]

If you haven’t had the chance to check out a show at Echo Beach this summer, we definitely think you should make it out for Ed Sheeran TONIGHT. Music Unlimited will be there LIVE promoting their rad new service. Keep your eyes pealed for the Music Unlimited Beach Oasis, the tiki hut is a dead giveaway. Add your favourite tune to the Music Unlimited playlist and walk away with a free beach mat!

All the music you want, when you want it. Music Unlimited offers access to millions of songs, including all of Ed Sheerans tunes. Come demo the service at the show!

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