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The Bearfoot Bistro in Whister B.C has a new Belvedere Ice Room  with warmth provided by Canada Goose is a sleek space where guests can step up to the ice bar and sample a range of 50 vodkas from around the world.

This is the write up from their website (http://www.bearfootbistro.com/food/belvedere.html) .  The Bearfoot Bistro’s Belvedere Ice Room is Canada’s first sub-zero vodka tasting room and the coldest one worldwide. It is a sleek space where guests can step up to the ice bar and sample a range of 50 vodkas from around the world. No need to worry about freezing in the cold-as-ice room since enthusiasts will be provided with warm Canada Goose down parkas and winter hats so you can enjoy the arctic ambiance in complete comfort (- 40 degree celcius).


SO COOL… or COLD.. whatever it is I am going to for sure stop by next time I am in Whistler.

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May 24 Long Weekend  Happy Hour. Be jealous of the best Agency everrr!


This Happy Hour was definitely the specialist of occasions with the return of our boss, Mr. Dave Videka and Ms. SBD’s frown that needed some serious turning-upside-down. On the menu? Peach nectar and cranberry ballini’s and Palm Bombs [equal parts PBR and Palm Bay - the grapefruit kind]. And for our treat I served up some ice cream topped with dark chocolate squares.. wiiiiiithhh berry shots on the side.

Best day. Happiest hour and the bestest longest of long weekends ahead. Big thank you to RTA :) Happy May 2-4 y’alllll

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St. Patrick’s Day. March 17th. A Saturday. Let US know where you’re going, what you’re doing, and who you’re doin it with! Check Notable’s 5 best bets below and tweet your St. Patty’s party plans to @RTAJennifer.

St. Party’s Day
This is arguably this biggest St. Patty’s Day event in the city. Hundreds show up, the crowd is ever-rotating – thanks to the one-too-many beers busters – and it’s at a local landmark, the St. Lawrence Market’s north building. If you’re looking for a tried-and-true scene, head here. Ladies be forewarned, high heels are hardly an appropriate selection of footwear considering the lineup…

The Ceili Cottage
A favourite amongst TO’s east end crowd, the Ceili Cottage – owned by the same folks behind Starfish Restaurant – hosts an annual massive St. Patrick’s Day celebration – extra tent space and all – overflowing with Guinness and random Irish folk song sing-a-longs. (They aren’t sanctioned or anything, but guaranteed an old timer or two will start the merry rounds.)

St. Patrick’s Day Bash at Steam Whistle
The bottles are already green and the space a haven for beer drinkers, so it should come as no surprise that Steam Whistle Brewery is hosting its own March 17th celebration. Irish dancers, entertainment by Brogue and Poor Angus, food by the Irish Embassy, and cover proceeds go to the Toronto St. Patrick’s Day Society.

St. Patrick’s Day Loft Party at the Burroughes Building
One of our favourite event spaces is becoming a remote emerald isle on Saturday, with music by Conor Cutz, Danny Nagels, Forrest Fires and more. Beer pong, flip cup, and boat race competitions will keep the poor judgment crew occupied, while Micha Kennedy Fries catering will help sop up some of that extra booze in your system. And yes, the upstairs patio is the main attraction.

Brazen Head Pub St. Patrick’s Day
Not a zoned party, however, Brazen Head can be counted on for some exceptional action each year on this holiest of days. They’ve got a special menu for the occasion, so yes indeed, you can grab yourself some sticky toffee pudding and wash it down with a Kilkenny. Bonus: The upstairs patio is a great vibe with a half decent view of Liberty Village.

Photo: Burroughes Building

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A few weeks ago we created a fun new way to share favourite drink reciepes and explore new drinks. Office Happy Hour!

For my turn I introduced our team to the “420″…it’s been a favourite summer drink of mine. It’s the type of drink you mix up on the fly or work into a summer trip to Toronto Island.

  • How To:
  • 1 shot Vodka (I prefer Russian Prince cause it’s cheap and dirty…but use what ya got)
  • 1 shot Sour Apple (If it’s green it makes you GO GO GO!)
  • 1 part Apple Juice (from a can is always better…but use what ya got)
  • 1 part Orangina (Mmmmm!)
  • 1 part 7UP (Bring Fido Dido back. He was rad…just saying)
  • 1 part Cranberry juice (this is for colour only…helps swamp up the taste too)
  • 1/2 can of PBR (you will usually have these with you anyways)
  • 1 shot ice cold Jäger (sits on the top or sinks to the bottom…all depends)

You can mix these individually or make a 2L to go. I recomend the latter. Smooth sailing.


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